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About Us

The "Jommi Demetrio" company was founded in 1970 when the current owner, after gaining experience for several years in some of the oldest traditional firms in Montappone, decided to start his own business.

Since that time, when the production was above all of classical articles, the company has grown gradually, continually expanding and developing the types of production, the collections and the manufacturing structure.

In 1984 the company also opened a new line of business, selling summer hats and beachwear along the Adriatic coast.

The Jommi Demetrio Company is today one of the leaders in the industry in several regions. The continual modernisation and the multiplication of entrepreneurial initiatives, together with the careful attention paid to the product, ensure that the company remains strongly competitive.


Focused mostly on winterwear, the production is based on both pre-planned and ready-to-wear fashion.

The hats we produce, for men, ladies and children, are of a medium-fine quality. Technical experience accumulated over many years of work, skilled workers, continual collaboration with the most prestigious designers of high fashion and prêt-à-porter, constant style research, the use of elegant and high-quality materials: all these elements enable us to interpret the changing trends and rapidly adapt our collections and production.


The foundation of our development has always been the satisfaction of our customers, both for the service and for the product.

We aim to build stable relationships of reciprocal trust with anyone who contacts us to benefit from our know-how and to obtain certain and constant results.
These are the conditions in which we manage to give our best.


The Regional Council has granted the certificate of MASTER CRAFTSMAN to DEMETRIO IOMMI.